What are your prices?

Porcelain Bathtubs range from $195-275

Stripping Bathtubs $85

Bath and Kitchen Counter Refinish Stonefleck $15-25 LF (Residential) Call for pricing (Commercial)

Garden Tub Refinishing $225-295

Fiberglass Repairs $25-115 (depending on size of repair)

Tub and Tile Refinishing $395-450

How do you refinish bathtubs and tile?

If your bathtub has been refinished we will need to strip off all old material.  This takes about 30-60 minutes extra. Then the tub and tile are etched, repaired (if needed for an extra charge in some cases), taped off, primed with an Epoxy primer and sprayed with a topcoate of an Acrylic Urethane.  It is safe to use an Epoxy as a primer, but best to use an Acrylic Urethane as the topcoat because Epoxy topcoats yellow and peel over time.

Can Tile Be Stripped?

No.  Tile can not be stripped because of the grout lines.  If previously refinished, it can be sanded and refinished again.

How Long Does It Take To Refinish Something?

Bathtubs that don't require stripping take about 2 hours.

Counter Tops take about 3 hours.

Bathtubs and Tile Combination take about 4 hours.


When Can I Use My Surface?

Please allow 24-30 hours for Bathub, Tile, and Counter Top Refinshed Surfaces to fully cure.

Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet and Counter Replacement can be used immediately once job has been completed.


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